KSport offers you the latest trends and fashion designs printed on the highest quality of material that you and your team deserve to have.

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Our story of purpose has seen our brand evolve into a top-quality brand focussed on business, supplying quality, strong and durable sports and corporate garments to the markets we serve. The K-Sport brand has become one that is close to the hearts of clients, providing them with a diverse range of quality sports and corporate wear that empowers them to perform to the best of their ability every day.
We believe, first and foremost, that we are here to serve. Giving our customers a superior service and products of the highest quality is what we pride ourselves on. We are the manufacturers and distributors of our garments which enables us to design and maintain excellent quality, hold sufficient stock levels and offer effective lead times.
By supporting our customers, we show that we respect them, and we demonstrate our commitment to growing their performance along with ours. At K-Sport Workwear we serve, we innovate, we find interesting solutions, build partnerships with customers, suppliers and service providers and most importantly we build our team, while always remembering our non-negotiable value system.
We are proud of how we have changed the rules of the game, we are proud of how we innovate, and we are proud of where we are going. K-Sport not only wants your business, but wants to play a integral part of your business.